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Art Deco shopping in Paris Latest blog

Art Deco is an extremely influential movement that transformed not only architecture and buildings. It had an impact on every field of design. In fact, it had a great impcat on home deco trends during the inter-war period. The Art Deco style is mainly inspired of geometric research of cubism or the avant-garde. It is famous as well for the austerity of its lines and the use of simple volumes. 
Art Deco style still has its buffs who keep looking for items to design their homes or offices. Luckily enough, various shops in Paris are still displaying and selling Art Deco furniture, sculptures, vases, chandeliers...
Art Deco is so praised, with its straight lines, symmetry and artistic side but functional. Two major shops are known for selling antique furniture, mainly on Art Deco style: Artz and Dausy Simon.
Artz, located at "rue des rosiers" Saint Ouen, has been specialized for many years in selling bronzes, furniture, bowls, sconces and othe objects of the Art Deco period.
Daisy Simon shop, on the other hand, is situated at the heart of the capital of lights at 43 Boulevard Henri IV, 75004 Paris. Daisy Simon prides itself for being a world leader in Art Deco interior design.
Daisy simon's passion for Art Deco started in the 80s. Since the, he succeded in combining the traditional and modern know-how, and thus Art Deco has become a part of today's taste in France.