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Cinema Luxor: A perfect blend of Art Deco and Egyptian culture Latest blog

Paris was the cradle of the Art Deco movement, a sleek and elegant style that echoed around the world. You can discover this artistic movement in many Parisian buildings of the years 1920-1930: restaurants, cinemas, museums, monuments. The Roaring Twenties are back!
One of the first theaters of its kind in France is called Luxor, in the 10th arrondissement of Paris. Built in an Egyptian-style, it announced a new trend Art Deco, going to a more exotic ornamental taste. Luxurious, it was transformed into a nightclub in the 1980s, then abandoned in the 1990s, before being completely renovated and reopened in 2013. Become again a movie theater, the Luxor is still a magical place.
With its unique Egyptian decor (scarabs, lotus and papyrus, hieroglyphics), this Art Deco cinema of the 1920s, is a real curiosity amid the Haussmann buildings Barbès. At the time of its construction, it also fascinated the general public and exoticism amateurs. It is in these years that archaeologists dig the valley of kings and discover the temple of Tutankhamun. Ancient Egypt was then fashionable in Paris, like the cinema, booming leisure. 
Through the mobilization of residents, it is again dedicated to the 7th art. Its neo-Egyptian decor, worthy of the best epic films, has just found its shimmering mosaics and antique motifs. The great room with its beautiful stained glass windows and balcony zenith, has also been renovated.
As Cleopatra in her néoégyptien chariot, this mythical cinema will appear in all its splendor with its hieroglyphics, its heads of pharaohs, its Egyptian masts, its Art Deco bar and terrace overlooking the Sacré Coeur. Renovated three years by architect Philippe Pumain, this cinema has never been so beautiful since its creation in 1921.