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Grand Rex: Art Deco Cinema Latest blog

The Grand Rex cinema built in the inter-war period was the popular entertainment par excellence. It is one of most beautiful and oldest theaters of Paris. With up to 2800 places and and a large screen of 252m², Grand Rex is among the largest theaters in all Europe.
The fame of Grand Rex Cinema is due in a great part to its Art Deco architecture. The show is not only displayed in the screen, but also in the buildings themselves, with facades worthy of Hollywood decorations and sparkling lights.
The facade of the building designed by the renowned architect Auguste Bluysens. A visit to Grand Rex is an open invitation to discover legendary history, American-inspired Art Deco architecture and to admire its starry dome. 
The cinema's external facade, out of proportion to neighboring buildings, features large neon signs and an art deco style tower. 
The Moroccan style auditorium was the work of architect/interior decorator Maurice Dufrene, styled in collaboration with noted American theatre architect John Eberson. Originally seating was provided for 3,500 on orchestra, mezzanine and balcony levels.
Summary of all the arts, the cinema of Grand Rex was the breeding ground of Art Deco. Screening rooms become places the extraordinary design, which have not aged.
Grand Rex is more than a cinema!