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Kellermann Park Art Deco Latest blog

As we have talked in previous blogs, Art Deco movement influenced all art forms that include design. Gradens and parcs are no exception. We already talked about the impact of Art deco on Square Rene Le Gall, and today we will focus on Kellermann parc.
Names such as Art Deco garden, 1930s gardens or cubist gardens mean somewhat the same thing. Gardens and parks created  in the interwar period are of an unprecedented beauty and design in which parallelism plays a key role.
Kellermann park was created in 1937 by the architect Jacques Gréber and refurbished in 1960. It is the largest garden in the district, with its area of 55 581m2. Its size makes it the largest garden in the district.
Kellermann parc was designed following a certain formal layout that brought together Typical French rigor with wilder spaces, and this is clearly featured in the geometric garden at the entrance surrounded by lime trees.
Together with this newly interfering deco style, Kellermann design remains faithful to the memory of the Bièvre with its basin, river and waterfall, framed by two staircases that lead you to the terrace.
Situated at the 13th arrondissement, Kellermann park with its vast area is perfect to relax and picnic with family and kids and enjoy at the same time another form of art deco.