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The Salle Pleyel opened in 1927 by the famous piano manufacturer Pleyel. The engineer and architect Gustave Lyon, director of the Pleyel company entrusted the implementation of the project to the architect Jean-Marcel Auburtin in 1924. Two years later, its employees, André Granet and Jean-Baptiste Mathon, replaced him after his death.
Salle Pleyel received a major renovation in 2006 which restored all their elegance to the beautiful lines of this building Art Deco and enhanced listening comfort. Even after its renovation, it has retained its art deco style. 
Its twenty-four meter hall is beautifully decorated in art deco style with ironwork of Raymond Subes, medallions of Le Bourgeois and lighting of the home Baguès. 
The work also involved the reception areas: the facade, the lobby and the rotunda which were restored in the art deco style of origins.
The rotunda is once again open to the floor, overlooking the lobby of a skylight and it regains its mosaic floor of black and white stone floors and gilded with fine gold.
Outside: an elegant white and black façade with clean lines. Inside: a vestibule with twelve columns, a rotunda floor mosaics, beautiful geometric patterns Subes for the ironwork of the staircase and the elevator, luminaire Baguès, medallions of Le Bourgeois and papers Ruhlmann painted for the ceiling of the Salle Debussy.