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Art Deco makes eating at La Coupole a memorable experience Latest blog

 "La Coupole brasserie" located in the 14th arrondissement Bd Montparnasse in Paris, was brought to life in 1927 through the determination of two Auvergne natives, Ernest Fraux and René Lafon.
La Coupole has gained its reputation to be the most famous Parisian brasserie in the world due to many reasons. Since 1927 this magnificient restaurant never ceased to amaze its guests through the most delicious dishes prepared to the highest standards. 
Due ti its refined French cuisine, La Coupole became popular with many artists from different periods throughout its long history.
.Among these first artists and intellectuals to visit this Parisian spot we may cite Josephine Bake Picasso, Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre, Edith Piaf and Ernest Hemingway among many others.
So if you want to time-travel back to the 1920s and get a feeling for what it was like to be in Hemingway and Picasso's Paris, look no further than La Coupole.
But what really makes La Coupole an unparalleled restaurant is its interior styling. When you step in, you know this isn't just some everyday brasserie. La Coupole is an Art Deco temple.
People still come here from all over the world, to marvel at its splendour. La coupole contains 33 pillars covered in imitation marble and cubist-inspired mosaics. These pillars were originally decorated by 27 artists selected by Charles Dufresnes, an infuential figure in Art Deco movement.
La Coupole boasts as well an impressive dome and a beautiful sculpture in the centre.

The Art Deco interior is so elegant and authentic, making of la Coupole another Paris institution and likely to remain so.