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Le Vaudeville: Art Deco brasserie Latest blog

Le Vaudeville is one of the few remaining brasseries of "les années folles" or roaring twenties, a time during which Art Deco was the prevailing stylish decor option.Le Vaudeville brasserie is situated in the heart of paris in the 2nd arrondissement. It derived its name and fame from an adjacent theater.
Designed in the 1920's by the solvet brothers who also did La Coupole, Le Vaudeville evokes Art Deco in its elegance and refinment. This brasserie has become throughout the years a temple of beauty. 
Besides enjoying a top-notch lunch or dinner, eating at Le Vaudeville is an opportunity to dazzle your eyes by the magnificence of the decoration. 
Every little detail inside exudes with Art Deco; the warm-toned marble and inlaid wood, the ironwork, the engraved glass along with the mosaics and tiles. You'll be amazed as well by a cool and sumptuous abundance of marble. 
Luxury is also waiting for you with a large opaline luster and the warm deep blue ocher, elements involved in the art deco style of the Vaudeville restaurant. 
Le Vaudeville stands as a tribute to a lost age of elegance and taste.
Pamper all your senses and discover the fabulous carelages, mosaics, marble, wood, leather, etched glass and Art Deco furniture that decorate the place with wonder.