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Palais de Tokyo: Art Deco Symbol Latest blog

"Le Palais de Tokyo", also known as Contemporary Art Center, was built in 1937 and designed by the renowned architects Dastugue,Viard, Aubert and Dondel.
Since its creation for the International Exhibition, Le Palais de Tokyo has housed numerous exhibitions and become relatively associated with all kinds of Modern Arts. However, the architecture of the building itself is emblematic illustrating the popular style of that time.
I suppose you have all guessed what was it. Right! The architectural style that witnessed its heydays in the interwar period (mainly in Paris) is ART DECO.
Palais de Tokyo features two symmetrical wings , each housing a museum, connected by a covered u-shaped colonnade which is connected with an esplanade below by two staircases in the direction of the Seine River. 
The building's monumental facade is genuinely breathtaking, boasting two enormous reliefs created by the talented Alfred Auguste Janniot and symbolizing the nine muses. The talent and dexterity of France's sculptors is clearly manifested in the statues of nymphs lying near the basin and the bronze statue at the top of the staircases overlooking the basin. This artwork named 'La France' was created by one of France's most influentian sculptors Antoine Bourdelle
A lover of modern art or Art Deco architecture, Palais de Tokyo is a Must visit.