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In the interwar period flourished one of the deorative styles that turned the world upside down " Art Deco", and continues to dazzle the arts keen till now.
This artistic style has in impact on architecture of monuments, theaters, cinemas, buildings, gardens and also swimming pools. 
Various swimmingpools were built in Paris during "the roaring twenties" following Art Deco style. Buttes aux Cailles and Molitor are the most renowned among which.
Buttes aux Cailles was listed a historical monument since 1990, and is one of the most famous in Paris. Buttes aux Cailles swimmingpool boasts Art deco architecture and colorful arches and is fed by a natural water well that provides water at 28 ° C. The simple forms and motifs as wella s bright colors used in its art deco style are inspired from contemporary artistic movements of the time, Russian Ballet and Fauvism.
However, Molitor remains the emblematic spot for art deco in Paris.
The famous Art Deco monument, built in 1929, was completely renovated and reopened May 19, 2014. When opting for the renovations, the greatest challenge in the words of Vincent Mézard, the project manager, was to rebuild the place as architect Lucien Pollet had imagined in 1929, "... we have reproduced exactly the 1929 color chart, the gap joints between each tile, how to lay them ..." comments Vincent Mézard . As for the railings and stained glass, these are the original ones, just like the facade Art Deco building on the side of Jean-Bouin stadium.